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Spacious and clean rooms, king-size or round king-size beds, private bathroom, reserved parking and maximum privacy: Break Motel offers a complete and high-level service for stays up to 5 hours or full night.

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Offers for your perfect night

The rooms at the Break Motel are large and clean, with a private bathroom with a whirlpool bath for two or large showers and have a king-size bed in a round or square shape. The reserved parking with direct access guarantees maximum privacy: choose your room now.


Rooms with a king-size or round king-size bed, bathroom with whirlpool tub or shower, private parking, light games and mirrors, maximum cleanliness: discover the rooms of Break Hotel.

Prices and Offers

Rooms are available with formulas up to 5 hours (Round Passion and Square Passion) or all night long (Round All Night Passion and Square All Night Passion). Special prices for boys up to 30 years.

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