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A new management and a completely renewed service for a modern and classy Hotel, in which a relaxing and familiar atmosphere is accompanied by quality and staff preparation. So we make your stay unique


A modern and welcoming structure at the service of guests

Not only equipped rooms, equipped with all comforts and clean, but also services 24 hours, catering and proposals for your well-being: Break Hotel & Motel is the right choice to make your stay a really nice parenthesis


The old Ecohotel is completely transformed in May 2018 with the transition to the new property Break Srl: this is how Break Hotel & Motel is born. This is not just a change of hands, but a real new course that concerns both the structure and the staff employed, for a qualified and high level service.

“Give more value to your stay by projecting us into the future towards a new culture of Hospitality where guests can feel at home”: this is the philosophy that drives the property and all those who work at the facility. That’s why every stay at Break Hotel & Motel is destined to turn into a pleasant memory.

Servizi di alto livello e attenzione al cliente

The radical change with the past affects the entire structure of Break Hotel & Motel: the new interiors are designed to create a relaxing and classy atmosphere, while the internal operating structure can count on carefully selected and qualified staff, as well as the structure external to the housekeeping service.

At Break Hotel & Motel guests can find different types of solutions to meet their specific needs, rooms equipped with all comforts, thorough cleaning, 24 hour services, catering based on local and genuine products and staff always ready to satisfy any request.

Rooms and services designed for you

Make our guests feel at home. How? With the attentive and prepared staff, the spacious rooms equipped with all comforts, a range of services ranging from taxis to spa treatments. Find out what Break Hotel can do for your stay.

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